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kimberly garza
kimberly garza
posted 1 week ago

I just had my first ever appointment with Evelyn. After reading all of the positive reviews, they had me sold. I loved that she was open until 8, and weekends. As soon as we walked in she greeted us & she was just phenomenal. Very patient, kind and she definitely is the best of the best. I’ve gone to other ultrasound places in my last pregnancy and I did not have the same experience that Evelyn gave us. Her technology is top notch and she made me feel so comfortable & excited. I’m looking forward my next appointment with her as I get farther along in my pregnancy 😍 Side note- I’m 13w5d & she was able to determine the gender of my baby ❤️

Paula Vega
Paula Vega
posted 4 weeks ago

Going to Picture Perfect was by far the BEST experience I've ever had!! She was able to get amazing pictures and videos of our baby and was so patient when our lazy baby wouldn't wake up or move she took her time and eventually got her to move for us. We also got the gender of baby and heard the heart beat! I will be returning for another visit later in my pregnancy!! 100 % recommended!! If i could give more than 5 stars i would!!

Kristin Horn
Kristin Horn
posted 1 month ago

Evelyn is simply AMAZING! We drove all the way from College Station to come see her and it paid off! She was so fun and made the entire experience that way. Very relaxed atmosphere, great equipment, the pictures and video clips she got of our little one were PERFECTLY captured. Highly recommend!! Thank you Evelyn for such a memorable experience that we will not soon forget.

M Adams
M Adams
posted 2 weeks ago

This week I did a session with Evelyn, and I am blown away with the results from our session! It was incredible to get a sneak peek of our little one, I highly recommend giving it a shot! I also got a recording of his heartbeat that we put inside a stuffed animal, best keepsake ever.

Of note, I recommend doing this sooner than later, so the baby doesn’t look too squished or risk the possibility that the placenta will get in the way. I waited till 34 weeks, and I wish I would have tried sooner just so he wasn’t all curled up in a little ball. We had to work for the best shot, so be patient and maybe eat something sweet before you come so the baby is active.

Thank you Evelyn for making our hearts jump for joy as we anticipate the arrival of our sweet boy. I will never forget the experience.

Anna Reyes
Anna Reyes
posted 3 months ago

We absolutely loved our experience with Evelyn! She was super sweet and exceeded our expectations. We were scheduled for a 20-minute session but our little one was being difficult so we took a break, came back, and tried again. Unfortunately he still wasn't cooperating, so we got a second session booked free of charge!

I will definitely be recommending this place to my friends and family!

Picture Perfect ultrasound sessions are by appointment only and we are always available to answer any
questions you have. We offer evening and weekend appointments and try to accommodate each families’
individual needs. Here at Picture Perfect, we want to ensure that you have the best experience and
quality images.

Based on your due-date, our calendar will show you the optimal timeframe to schedule
your ultrasound session. Understanding that your little bundle of joy may not always be ready to strike
a pose, if we determine that we cannot obtain those Picture Perfect images, we will allow you and your
family to return for another session at no additional cost.